Benefits of cordless IP phones

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

People need to interact and communicate effectively in every field of life. Verbal communication has over the years become very easy and there are many technologies and devices that have made this a reality. One of these striking devices is an IP-phone. IP phones are also called VoIP telephones, SIP telephones or soft phones. An IP-phone does not use a public switch telephone network. It is a communication device based on VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) technology.


With this technology, telephone calls can be made over the internet using a general purpose computer. It converts voice to digital signal and vice versa. They are usually like ordinary telephones or cordless phones with buttons, display screen and a handset. It is this handset that is connected to the sound card of the personal computer.

Wireless VoIP phones also known as VoWLAN or voice over wireless local network areas have numerous benefits and are great choices for retail organizations, institutions, and even hospitals. It is now made possible to have use systems for work (computer-based) and voice communications (telephone-based) simultaneously. With the combination of VoIP and Wi-Fi, Voice over Wireless is expected to be the next move in the world of wireless communications.

The benefits of using this type of technology are numerous. Some notable benefits are;

1. It is convenient

Having a web-based system will offer much more convenience and independence since you are no longer restricted to one location before you can communicate. Calls can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, making work much more convenient for you and your company than traditional phone services. Wi-Fi VoIP phones give users the portability and convenience that they have with a wireless Internet connection for their homes. VoIP phones have built in Wi-Fi and offer the convenience of connecting your VoIP phone to any free Wi-Fi hot spots to place a call.

2. It saves time and money.

Wi-Fi VoIP phones which utilize the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, allows companies to place Internet phone calls to any location in the world for a flat fee or at reduced rates. Companies can also now simultaneously use just a system for phone communications and other activities. The wireless VoIP phone systems usually cost less than traditional ones. This is especially true when you take into consideration how expensive it is to install and continually maintain a landline system. The monthly payment for VoIP systems is low and long-distance calls are much cheaper.

 3. It is easy to use

Wireless VoIP phones are not difficult or tasking to use. In fact, it is as easy as the cell phones you're most probably used to. As long as you can operate a cell phone, you have the abilities needed to operate a Wi-Fi VoIP phone.

4. Keeping your phone number when you relocate

Now you can move or relocate without having to change your number. VoIP phones allows you to preserve your current phone number notwithstanding where you choose to relocate to as long as you use a high speed Internet access. VoIP phone calls are location independent because you can use Internet connection to connect to your service provider.

5. It is efficient

The connection of VoIP calls to a residential broadband connection through a Wi-Fi network can be made at prices sometimes half of that for a cell phone call or sometimes even for free. Wi-Fi mobile phones also sense a Wi-Fi hot spot and interchange to a Wi-Fi mode, permitting functions such as sending e-mail and downloading files.

Conclusively, cordless VoIP is currently increasing corporate recognition and is developing every day. This is because the device costs lower and VoIP phones uses enhanced technology. VoIP over Wireless LAN- VoWLAN has freed the telephone from the cord and has provided the end user with a reliable, efficient way to communicate with the future.

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