What are the advantages of a cloud-hosted PBX?

Monday, November 9, 2020

Many enterprises and businesses are beginning the process of moving their phone systems to the cloud, opting for VOIP (voice over internet protocol) over traditional landline. However, what’s the hype surrounding cloud-hosted PBXs?

To help shed some light on the recent trend, we’ve compiled several advantages, of which you can find below.

It’s cheaper
Cloud-hosted PBXs are much cheaper than a traditional landline setup. Not only are you saving money on each individual call, but you don’t need to invest any money in hardware - it’s in the cloud!

Similarly, there are no geographical limitations, as the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. This is why call centers are one of the first to migrate, opening up many new doors in the telephone world.

It can be implemented with your current phone system
Upgrading to a cloud-based PBX doesn’t mean throwing your old systems out the window. You can use standard phones, converted to VOIP, and hosted over your new PBX. This results in quicker speeds, clearer quality, and greater management of systems.


This works out much cheaper, thanks to VOIP services.

Access to more advanced features
Once you’re no longer limited to a standard landline connection, you are granted access to more advanced features, at no extra cost, too. For example, you can use call control, call recording, hold options, queues, and more.

Enhanced security
In general, cloud-based PBXs are much more secure than their counterparts. This is thanks to various firewalls and security software, much harder to intercept. This is a must-have for businesses discussing sensitive topics over the phone, for example, banks and medical professionals.

Real-time monitoring
If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your workplace, then a cloud-hosted PBX is for you. This allows you to access real-time monitoring, you can view:

● On-going calls

● Available agents

● Call rates

● Subscription costs

● Call recordings and live listen

Also, you can input your cloud-hosted PBX data in various software and systems, generating several charts and figures to help you understand the overall efficiency of your business. Interpreting these charts allow you to make appropriate changes, increasing ROI for your business.

You can reach anywhere, anytime
Finally, a cloud-hosted paired with VOIP allows you to reach anywhere, anytime. A client (the person on the other end of the phone) does not need a traditional phone signal, a rarity in rural areas. A standard WIFI connection is required, that’s all - allowing you to connect to an abundance of people you previously couldn’t reach.

To conclude
A cloud-hosted PBX is much cheaper than a traditional landline call setup, not to mention providing you with an abundance of features at no extra cost. For businesses looking to scale, there is no better set-up than a PBX, especially if you want real-time data to increase the efficiency of your business.

You’ll also benefit from enhanced security, an important feature in today’s age of technology - so, don’t miss out, an upgrade to a cloud-hosted PBX today.

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