What is VOIP?

Monday, November 9, 2020

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is quite simply the process of making phone calls through the internet as opposed to your traditional phone line or mobile network. The best example of this is WhatsApp - users can ring one another simply by having an internet connection, a major bonus for those living in rural areas with little to no phone signal (yes, that is still a thing!).

However, there are more robust systems in place for businesses than “WhatsApp” or “Messenger” calls. This article will provide you with more information on VOIP, including how it works and the benefits of switching to a more modern and updated platform.

How does VOIP work?
A VOIP system works (whether this is on a platform such as WhatsApp or a robust system) by converting your analog voice signals (your speech) into digital signals, transferring these across your internet connection to the receiving end. This happens thousands of times during each phone call, ensuring consistent communication with no delay.

VOIP can be set-up in numerous ways, for example:

● With a standard landline phone and VOIP adapter

● With a computer

● With a smartphone

VOIP with a standard landline quite simply removes the landline aspect and allows your phone to send signals through the internet. As mentioned previously, there are various benefits of this, with this method being one of the more robust and widely used VOIP systems.

Similarly, you can set VOIP up using a computer. This is used through programs such as Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime, and does not require any setup.

Finally, we have smartphones. VOIP can be used with certain apps, for example, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and other apps and platforms. Your choice of VOIP is up to you; however, the use of a standard phone is perhaps the most practical.

What are the benefits of using VOIP?
Now that we’ve discussed what VOIP is and how it works, let’s discuss the many benefits of the service, especially over traditional landline calls.

Benefits of VOIP include:

● Cheaper than standard phone lines

● Allows you to make voice calls using a computer

● Reliable

● Simple conference calls

To begin with, VOIP services are cheaper than standard phone lines. As little as a one or two-minute call on a standard phone line, without a business contract, can equate to a hefty bill. If you have an unlimited broadband package, then you won’t pay anything extra with VOIP.

VOIP also enables you to make voice calls using a computer. This is not possible with a traditional landline and can, therefore, be a little more complicated. You can use programs such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or even WhatsApp on a PC or MAC.

Thirdly, VOIP is more reliable than traditional phone lines. The quality of phone lines is greater impacted by the weather and the caller’s rurality, on the other end. Conversely, working from a standard internet connection is much more reliable, allowing for high-quality calls at a low cost.

Finally, VOIP allows conference calls to be simple. Unlike landlines where this can be an often difficult process, conference calls can be set up in seconds, inviting other users to the call with the click of a button.

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