Bulk SMS


Simply send an email and it will be delivered via SMS

Six month rollover

Unused Sms's carry over for 6 months


Easily integrate with any software application

Once off

24c /SMS
  • 100 SMS increments


  • 500 SMSs monthly


R430 /month
  • 2000 SMSs monthly
Store message templates
Commonly repeated messages can be stored as a template.
SMS Scheduler
Schedule your SMS to be send out at any time in the future.
Email to SMS
Send an SMS by simply sending an email.
Group Management
Import your contact into groups and send to the entire group
HTTP Integration Ready
Use our service to build SMS-intergrated software programs.
SMS Inbox
Use the sms inbox to view messages sent back to you.
Accessible from any web browser

Send bulksms using your iPhone using the iOS app

Open rates - 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipient, and on average within five seconds.

Speed and Flexibility - campaigns can be conceived of and delivered to their target audience in a matter of minutes. This can be used to drive footfall on a slow day or clear old stock ahead of new deliveries.

Low Cost and High ROI – cheaper than other types and high reach.

Highly Targeted – permission based, created a relationship by giving you their number

Personalisation – based on previous activity

SMS is reliable - SMS is a dependable platform for sending important information out, it’s the ideal tool for businesses to communicate critical and time sensitive information.

SMS is ubiquitous: Unlike most other instant messaging apps and social chat platforms, SMS is not an app and does not need to be downloaded or updated.

SMS’s cost money: Because SMS messages are paid for, they tend to provide valuable content which is relevant to the recipient

Spam: Email is free which means that it is more prone to spam. In fact, according to The Radicati Research Group, Inc., 49.7% of emails received are spam.

Replacing the middleman - Afghanistan: find out how much your goat is worth
Traffic updates - [Bangalore] 
Missed call notification - [mcn]

Customer Service - Singapore Airlines Club allows members to contact a customer service representative via SMS. The service, called PPS Connect, allows members to SMS their membership number to the club, and receive a phone call within 30 minutes.

Is this halal - Islamic Development Department of Malaysia now offers an SMS service to help consumers confirm whether what they’re buying conforms to Muslim dietary laws. All they need to do is text the word “halal” along with the bar code on the product packaging to find out.

Slow customer service – automated reply 

Missed Delivery Or Appointment Windows - send out multiple delivery or appointment reminders via dispatch text messages that clients and customers are likely to check.