Capped LTE

Get LTE connectivity for your home or office. Simple and easy, self-installed in-home connectivity that’s affordable without any fixed line installation needed.

Key Features

Use any LTE Compatible Device
No need to buy a new LTE device. You can order the SIM Only and use your own LTE compatible device.
Quick to Set Up
Don’t wait around for an installation.  As soon as your LTE router is delivered and your service is activated, you’ll have internet connectivity.
Fast Speeds 
Enjoy speeds of up to 50Mbps* in ideal Fixed LTE network and coverage conditions with compatible hardware.

Additional Features

1 Month Data Rollover
If you don’t use it, you wont lose it. Any unused Anytime data rolls over for one month, so you can bank your unused data and use it later.
Mobile Data
The Telkom LTE SIM is not geo locked to the closest network tower, which means you can use this service anywhere in the country.
Voice over IP uses very little data, so an LTE sim card works perfectly in Voice over IP phones and PBX Systems.


Telkom LTE 60 GB

R 229
per month
  • 30 GB Anytime
  • 30 GB Night owl

Telkom LTE 140 GB

R 449
per month
  • 70 GB Anytime
  • 70 GB Night owl

Telkom LTE 180 GB

R 579
per month
  • 90 GB Anytime
  • 90 GB Night owl

Telkom LTE 440 GB

R 1129
per month
  • 220 GB Anytime
  • 220 GB Night owl