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Free Domain, 15GB Space, 15 Emails, 15 Databases.
Per user
Free Domain, 50GB Space, 50 Email accounts, 50 Databases.
Per user
Free Domain, 100GB Space, 100 Emails.
Per user
Free Domain, 150GB Space, 150 Emails.
Per user
Flex Email
Team chat + Video meeting
Shared tasks & Calendar
Cloud Drive
Document Editing

Secure, swift and efficient communication

Improve your workflow with these enterprise features:

Flex Email

Secure business email

Email from your company’s custom domain. Individual mailboxes are created for every employee or team. Compatible with every email client.

 Scheduled sending and on behalf sending are supported.

Team chat + video meetings
Efficient & swift communication

Secure conferencing with your browser without installing anything.  Screen sharing, real-time chat or moderator are included. Mobile conferencing for Android and iOS is also available. 

Chat faster and direct with your team and guests. Create rooms for individual projects or teams.

Shared tasks & calendar
Improve workflow and communication

Share and create tasks for teams and projects. Group Scheduling Wizard lets you see invitees’ free/busy times and suggest next available time.

Create a task from an email. The subject is the name and the content populates the notes. Attachments can also be added.

Cloud Drive

File sharing & storage system

Upload, manage and download files. Organize your files within navigable folders. 

Your email attachments can also be stored to the drive. Easier to share these files folders with internal & external users.

Document Editing
Create and collaborate real-time

Comprehensive office suite for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. MS Office and PDF support are included.

The online version includes sharing, real-time collaborative editing and change tracking. An offline version is available as well. Spreadsheets support pivot tables and macros.

Real-time Backup and Restore

All objects inside Cloud Office are saved, ensuring quick recovery of deleted files by users and administrators.

With the real-time backup feature there are zero possibilities of losing data, backup solution is secure and continuous.

A completely paperless office solution.

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