Cloud SMS


Send Messages to individuals
No Contracts
To groups
Using Email
From a file upload
Automatically (API Related) Advanced Features
Manage Sender Ids
Automated response management

Cloud SMS

Extra Features

Send Scheduled Messages
Send Long Messages
Send Scheduled Messages
Create and Manage SMS Templates Contact Management
Manage Individual Contacts
Automated Opt-Out
Manage your own Contact Lists
Automated Opt-In
Upload Contacts (Excel or CSV)
Create and Manage SMS Templates
Automated Opt-Out
Automated Opt-In SMS Message History

Working remotely?
Secure conferencing with your browser without installing anything.  Screen sharing, real-time chat or moderator are included. Mobile conferencing for Android and iOS is also available. Chat faster and direct with your team and guests. Create rooms for individual projects or teams. 

Cloud SMSs

Improve workflow and communication

View Sent Messages
View Received Messages
Receive Messaging Reports
View Delivery Reports
View Delivery Reports SMS Credit Management
Purchase SMS Credits
Automatic Top-up
Credit Statement History
View Invoices
Low Credit Notification
Create and Manage SMS Templates

Package pricing

Please note: The "Cloud Office" packages do not include a domain or hosting package.

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