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Bulksms Credits 1000

Bulksms Credits 1000

1000 Monthly National Bulk SMS Credits (6 Month Rollover)
Send Messages • To individuals • No Contracts • To groups • Using Email • From a file upload • Automatically (API Related) Advanced Features • Manage Sender Ids • Automated response management • Send Scheduled Messages • Send Long Messages • Send Scheduled Messages • Create and Manage SMS Templates Contact Management • Manage Individual Contacts • Automated Opt-Out • Manage your own Contact Lists • Automated Opt-In • Upload Contacts (Excel or CSV) • Create and Manage SMS Templates • Automated Opt-Out • Automated Opt-In SMS Message History • View Sent Messages • View Received Messages • Receive Messaging Reports • View Delivery Reports • View Delivery Reports SMS Credit Management • Purchase SMS Credits • Automatic Top-up • Credit Statement History • View Invoices • Low Credit Notification • Create and Manage SMS Templates


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