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Cloud M3

Cloud M3

M3 Cordless Wi-Fi phone with charging station
1) Android OS, 2.4'' 320x240 TFT LCD
2)Soc platform
3)Wifi standard 802.11 b/g/n supporting fast roaming
4) Sip auto provision, FOTA upgrading
5)supporting remote phone book
6) used in SOHO, office, warehouse, hotel, hospital, indoor and outdoor.

Basic Features:
> Call forward, Transfer, Call waiting, Group listening, SOS,
Conference, redial, Call back
> Speed dial, Peer to peer call (P2P), Hold, Mute, Do-not-disturb
> Ringer set/loading/delete
> Manual/auto-clock
> 2 SIP account
Advance call features:
> Video monitoring, Audio player, Voice recording
> Calendar with alert, Wi-Fi intercom, Medium message and clock task
> Vibration
Phone book
> 500 lists local phonebook
> Dialing automatic speech recognition (ASR)
> XML/LDAP remote phonebook, Intelligent search
> Search/export/import via web
> Black list
PBX features
> Anonymous call/Rejection
> MWI, Hold with music (MoH)
> Voice message, Call park, Call insert, Intercom, Group call
> Voice recording based on PBX
>320x240 TFT
>Miss call / message indicator
>Multi-language android system
>Wallpaper loading via web
>4 functions: Answer/Call, Power-off/Hangup, Speaker, Mute
> Nav. Keys: Up, Down, Left, Right, Ok
>2 soft-keys following LCD menu
> Volume control key
> Speakerphone/Voice dialing: Press & Hold for intercom sending; Click to activate voice identifying, press to active speakerphone in conversation
>12 digital dial numbers
> Message LED(MWI, charging, low-battery., miss call)
> Back light keypad


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