There are 2 types of Payment methods. Payflex and EFT Payflex is instant. Pay via the link on your statement or from your portal. EFT could take upto 3 days to reflect in our account. Only once the funds reflect in our account will we allocate them to your account.
You can cancel your account / subcription at anytime by emailing us at with the request. NB: We require a 30 day cancellation notice.


1. An uncongested Internet connection such as Fibre to the Home (FTTH) or Fixed Home LTE.) 2. A SIP Account– see here for our recommended phone options available from 3rd Parties. 3. A Mastercard or Visa card to purchase prepaid air time.
There are no service fees for the Afriphone service. 1. No sign up fees. 2. No monthly service fees. 3. No service cancellation fees. Number Porting is available at once-off cost of R130 incl VAT.
The Afriphone service is entirely dependent on the quality of the Internet connection you are using when making or receiving a phone call. Hence we only recommend connections that do not generally suffer from congestion or high latency such as FTTH (Fibre to the Home) or Fixed Home LTE (Telkom). Sometimes other connectivity types, such as ADSL, 3G, Edge, WiFI or Mobile LTE will work. However, we do NOT recommend relying on these connectivity types as they are prone to congestion and high latency which result in poor call quality.
Create a new account and add details from Extension email sent to you as below: Label / Account Name / Display Name: Extension Username as per email sent to you Username / Register Name: Extension Username as per email sent to you Password: Extension Password as per email sent to you Sip Server: Extension Sip Server as per email sent to you Transport Type: TCP Audio Codec Settings: aLAW Subscribe for Register: Enabled Save Register status should say: Registered If not, double check the above details or send an email to support.


Go to to unlist your number.
Login to your portal, click on customers - place order, doc type - select sales order, choose your airtime package. place your order. Then click on customers - Make Payment to make payment to your account.
- Yes geographic landline numbers can be ported to Cloud Telecoms. - This include’s all South African numbers that start with 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05. - Mobile numbers such 083, 072 and 061 cannot be ported to Cloud Telecoms. The once off cost to Port your number to Cloud Telecoms is R130. To Port your number to Cloud Telecoms 1. You login into your Cloud Telecoms account 2. You click on DID Manager 3. Click Port Number 4. You will need to provide documents and complete the application form. 5. You will receive an invoice for R130 that will need to be paid via Mastercard or Visa before your application is processed. You will need to have the following on hand. 1. A copy of your current service providers invoice and it must display the number you wish to Port. 2. A scanned JPG or PDF of the ID of the account holder. 3. The account holder will need to sign the application forms and authorisation letter.
A number must already be suspended for arrears at the time the port out request was logged. 1. In terms of the Functional Specification for Geographic Number Portability Government Gazette 30089 (“FSS”) as published on 13 July 2007, specifically section 4(9)(d) and section 4(11), a donor operator cannot reject a port on the basis that the subscriber still owes monies nor may the donor operator delay a port pending the settlement of outstanding monies.
No, unfortunately this cannot be done.
Config Settings: Softphone or your SIP phone compatible Device settings 1.Check your email for an email titled PBX Extension. 2. Use registration details from email. 3. Audio codec =G729 alternatively OPUS or GSM 4. Network should be set to DHCP (This is the default) Settings for your Internet Router SIP ALG = Should be disabled on your Internet router (usually found under security). If not disabled SIP ALG can cause problems with calls such as randomly cutting calls and/or your registration with the server. You can ask your Internet service provider (ISP) to help you disable SIP ALG.
We would prefer your Air Time to never expire, however we require a protection mechanism against users who sign up for accounts but never use them. We provide a single 087 telephone number for free. By ICASA regulations unused numbers can be recycled without notice. 1. Your account will be cancelled and your Air Time expired after 6 (six) months of no call usage or top ups. 2. Your phone number will be recycled and go back into the available pool of telephone numbers for new users. 3. You will be sent emails to your registered email address to warn you that your account is expiring within 1 month, 2 weeks, 3, 2 and 1 day before it expires to give you the chance to make a call or add air time to prevent the cancellation of your account.
Not at this stage, we are working with service providers and ICASA to re-instate this ability. Please note that it is illegal to use any caller ID (number) that is not under your ownership. To do this is considered fraud. If these regulations are broken, your account will be suspended without notice and you may face criminal charges.
On your account dashboard there is a “voice mail” section where you can follow a few simple steps to setup your voicemail. 1. Type in your “Display Name” 2. Select a 3 or 4 digit pin 3. Dial *85 on your phone and follow the voice prompts to complete the process To setup voicemail to email, simply type in your email address in voicemail settings and select save/enable. All voicemails will be sent to your email address as a sound file attachment. Voicemail to email is a much more efficient way of receiving voice mails, it simply arrives in your INBOX and you click the file to listen to it, you do not have to dial in to listen to, save and delete voice messages.
Yes, you can block individual numbers using your blacklist function and block countries from your country codes function. From the dashboard page, select the “Dialing Restrictions” tab on the right. This will take you to the “Black Lists” and “Country Codes” settings.
Inbound Route type=peer, secret=password, username=101,, fromuser=101, canreinvite=yes, insecure=invite,port, qualify=yes, nat=yes, port=5060, context=from-trunk, register => ,
Not registering 1. Use to Telnet to port 5060 on 2. Set the phone setting "Sip Keepalive" value to a lower amount of seconds. Inbound and Audio Issues 1. Reboot your phone. 2. Double check your sip account credentials, Account Balance and Cloudtime Balance 3. Check your internet connectivity by visiting 4. Go to our portal, Click Registrations - Click "Check your Firewall IP Blocked Status" to unblock your IP. 5. Disable firewall and NAT settings on your router. 6. Disable SIP ALG on your router. 8. Check that your upload speed is greater than 5MBps using 9. Check that your codecs are exactly in this order G.711A (ALAW), G729. 10. Reset your phone to factory settings and set up your account again (don't change any other settings). 11. Try changing the phone or the network connection. Give us a call to connect a phone to the extension for testing. If problem persists, you will be required to install AnyDesk on a PC on your network and provide login details. Outgoing Phone Calls troubleshooting guide
1. Check that your phone is registered, if not folow the "Phone Registration troubleshooting guide" 2. Double check your sip account credentials, Account Balance and Airtime Balance 3. Check your internet connectivity by visiting 4. Check that your Caller ID is a valid local landline number 5. Call us for support
Connect to Internet - Wired Connect a LAN Cable Connect to Internet - Wireless Click the Settings Button Enable Wi-Fi Select a Network Put in your network password Log onto the web interface Click the center tick button to find the ip address of the phone. Enter the IP Address into a web browser of a PC on the same network. Username: admin Password: admin Enter the registration details Click on the Account Tab and add details from Extension email sent to you as below: Label: Extension Username as per email sent to you Display Name: Extension Username as per email sent to you Register Name: Extension Username as per email sent to you Username: Extension Username as per email sent to you Password: Extension Password as per email sent to you Sip Server: Extension Sip Server as per email sent to you Transport Type: TCP Click Confirm Refresh the Page Check that the register status says: Registered If not, double check the above details. Fix your Codecs Click on Codecs and make sure you enable the following in order: PCMA(G711A), G729


No, you have to place an order for a new sim card.
Take it out from the Wi-Fi and put it into a phone. Dial 141# Select option 3 Ignore the error message Restart the phone Connect to the internet It should thereafter.
From your sending sim, do the following: To get started dial *135# Access “Services” via the services selection Select “Next” to access the next menu Choose the “Data Transfer” option Pick the data bundle you wish to transfer Select the amount of data you wish to transfer to your recipient Choose your recipient Confirm your selection
Using your smartphone, connect to the Wi-Fi of your router Click on your active Wi-Fi connection Select Manage Router This should open your web browser to or IP Address of your router in the user guide On the Router Login Page, try the default credentials or the password you have set: Username: admin Password: admin Depending on the type of Router you are using, Check that the Operations Mode to "Wireless Router Mode". Under LAN Settings Choose Network and choose PPPoE with Dynamic IP Change the username and password as per the Username and Password provided email to you and save.
1. Check that the sim card is inserted correctly. 2. Check that the status light on your router is green. 3. Try rebooting your Wi-Fi extender. 4. Do a speed test closer to your Wi-Fi extender to check your speed.


1. Zip the mail folder on the old host 2. Create the mailboxes on the new host 3. Unzip the mail folder on the new host 4. Copy the mail files from the cur folder of the old mailbox to the cur folder new mailbox 5. Fix the permissions and ownership on the new mail files 6. On Outlook IMAP folders subscribe to all folders 7. Restart Outlook
How to teach the email system about new spam senders Go to yoru mailbox folder settings and change the Spam folder to Learn Spam.
1. Check your internet connection by going to Google and doing any search. 2. Check webmail via Log in with your email username and password 3. send to and from to check if mailbox is working inbound and outbound. 4. Reset password on your email address to get the setup email 5. Check that your settings are exactly as specific on the setup email sent to you.