Warp-Speed Fibre

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Uncapped, unshaped, unthrottled

Enjoy business-class fibre internet services.

Countrywide Coverage

Countrywide coverage over the most popular fibre networks
10 Mbps Download Speed
20 Mbps Download Speed

50 Mbps Download Speed
100 Mbps Download Speed
200 Mbps Download Speed

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The transference of data isn’t affected by the user’s distance from the exchange. 
Can handle much higher traffic volumes without affecting internet speed. 
Easier to maintain than copper. 
No landline necessary 

There is no street value for fibre optic cables which means they aren’t a target for thieves. 
Fibre optics are much lighter and thinner than metal wires. They also occupy less space with cables of the same information capacity. Lighter weight makes fiber easier to install. 

An optical fiber has greater tensile strength than copper or steel fibres of the same diameter. It is flexible, bends easily and resists most corrosive elements that attack copper cable. 

The raw materials for glass are plentiful, unlike copper. This means glass can be made more cheaply than copper. 

the bandwidth availability is significantly higher, and speed does not decrease as high demands are put on the network. 

Fiber-optic Internet eliminates many of the latency issues users experience on cable Internet, particularly when downloading or uploading video or high-definition content. 

Benefits of lower latency: 
• Better voice quality for VoIP users 
• Ability to move more apps to the cloud 
• Downloads and uploads of huge files without disruption 
• Improved collaboration between employees 

Resistance to Interference
Fibre optic is made of glass which doesn’t conduct electricity; therefore, electrical storms won’t cause interference with the lines. Support for HD Video 

Terms & Conditions

General terms
The installation and activation fees are prescribed by the last-mile provider, not Cloud Telecoms. Although we endeavour to keep our coverage data as accurate as possible, we are reliant on the maps provided to us by our last-mile partners, which may sometimes have slight inaccuracies.

Activation fees 
Activation fees are also applicable on line migrations (when you move from one ISP to another). 

Cancellation fee 
Should you cancel your fibre line less than 6 months from installation, or your account falls into arrears, you will be charged a cancellation fee of R 2500.

Cancellation process 
Should you wish to cancel your fibre line, you will have to send a cancelation email to stating that you would like to cancel your service. The cancellation will take a month to finalise, in that month the service will still be active and will therfore need to be paid.
Shaping and prioritisation
There are no usage thresholds so you can use as much data as you like, whenever you like. No throttling or shaping will be applied. 

Installation, cabling and lead times
The installation fee includes cabling up to 30 metres. If your installation requires additional cabling, a site survey will be done, after which you will receive a quote from the applicable last-mile provider. Should you choose to proceed, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. The additional cabling is directly payable to the applicable last-mile provider.
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