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Unlimited Mobile vs The Market

Stay Connected

Enjoy your stay with our unlimited benefits.

Key Features

Data Usage
Uses only 1MB of data per minute
No Contracts
Personal Service
Dedicated account manager

Mobile App Features

In-Call Features
Call transfer
Call hold
Speaker Mode
Bluetooth Mode
Call History
View Incoming calls
View Outgoing calls 
View Missed calls

View your phones contact list
Add new contacts
Dial a contact.

PBX Features
Caller ID
Call Forwarding
Sip Accounts
Allows users to make and receive voice calls using any SIP account.This application supports integration of up to 10 SIP accounts
Add New Extensions
Unlimited Mobile also has the ability to add new extensions directly from the app. 

Inbound call routing
Inbound calls can be routed or forwarded to your mobile number.